Bronwen Sexton, Artist Statement

Photograph Canvas Collage is what I call my work. I make my pieces in this manner because I can better depict the entire visual I see when I am photographing. I am not confined to the traditional camera format dimensions or use of one lens for one image. I can make my final images in any shape or dimension I wish. This enables me to push the visual impact of my photography further. By layering my images in multiple ways, I confuse and manipulate the traditional depth representation made by photographic lenses. I am free from the confines of traditional photography. I make my pieces by photographing a place or thing I want to employ for the final image I see in my mind. After basic editing of the photographs in Photoshop, I print the images I want to use on inkjet canvas. Next I cut out what I want to use from these prints and then sew them together using a sewing machine. I stretch my final image on stretcher bars in the way the piece has dictated. I have given my photography the freedom that a painter has with composition, dimension, and final image. I have many more ways I can visually represent my inspirations and ideas into finished photograph canvas collages.

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