In 2011 I started working on a series of photography I call Sewn Photograph Canvas Collage.  My first, “Bird of Paradise” was the start of my collaging my photographs together.  I had a triptych of different photos of the same bird of paradise flower.  I could not photograph the flower so that it would appear the way I wanted it to appear in a single photograph.  I started  printing on canvas paper, cutting out several copies of the flower, and then pieced the parts together with my sewing machine.  This process gave me the image I wanted to compose.  I print with my 13″ x 19″ wide format ink jet and use my sewing machine so I can make my pieces as large as possible.  I have always preferred printing on canvas because it allows for a more painterly look and with the collage process added, my photographs look more like paintings.  I love not having to choose just one image, now I can use my best parts of my several images of to make one perfectly composed photograph.


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